Three Step Fixed ─ (Sambo Matsoki)

The following procedures must act as a guide only. Students should be encouraged to use as many different techniques as possible within the required form of sparring.

It must be remembered that, in any form of sparring, if an INSIDE block (An Makgi) is performed, i.e. defending to the inside of the attacking tool, then the opponent will be able to use his opposite attacking tool effectively as the defender is close. Therefore the defender must counter attack immediately after the block has been performed.

An OUTSIDE block (Bakat Makgi), i.e. defending to the outside of the attacking tool, puts the attacker at a distinct disadvantage as his opposite attacking tool is generally further away from the defender and becomes harmless.

Please Remember

  • There are no leg techniques in the way we perform three-step fixed.
  • Remember the reason it is called ‘Three Step is because you are moving backwards and forwards in three steps.
  • All defensive positions begin from parallel ready stance.
  • For all movements in Three Step Fixed, the attack always remains the same, walking stance middle section punch.
  • There are four set routines
  • You must create separate routines to demonstrate your understanding of the ‘three step’ procedure

Two-Step Fixed – (Ibo Matsogi)

The main purpose of two step sparring is to acquire a mixed technique of hand and foot parts. Therefore the attacker, must use both the hand and the foot alternately. It is, however, entirely optional whether the attacker uses the hand or the foot first. As in the case of three step sparring there are two methods of practice.

  1. The attack is executed only while stepping forward and the defence while stepping backward.
  2. Both the attack and defence are executed while stepping either forward or backward.

Two-Step Sparring Typical Procedure

The measure up is similar to that of three-step sparring only the attacker’s measuring stance is the L-stance.

A = Attacker                L= Left

D = Defender              R= Right

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