Mr Niilante Ogunsola 3rd Dan


I started Tae-Kwon Do when I was 17. I had never really enjoyed physical education at school but in Tae-Kwon Do I found a fun activity that could help me develop my strength, co-ordination and general fitness.

As a child I had studied some martial arts but had stopped before reaching my teens. During my teenage years I used to spend long hours playing computer games such as Street Fighter and Tekken, looking at the moves and thinking: ‘I wish I could do that!’

Then one day I set out to learn how.

I searched the local area for martial arts classes and I was captivated by Focus when I saw the hard working nature of the classes and the high standard of the senior students.

Both competition and training have helped infuse me with a strong passion for self-improvement and develop the self-confidence to take on the challenges involved. Both the training and Mr Bertrand himself have stretched my abilities and allowed me to grow in ways I never would have associated with a martial art.

I found Tae-Kwon Do at a time when a lot of my friends were getting involved in some negative activities and having the martial art as a focus helped me to follow a better path. The energy of the class and it’s friendly, positive attitude have supported me through tough times in my life and training towards a black belt gave me a goal to work towards.

TKD has helped me develop a positive outlook that pervades every aspect of my life. It has helped me confidently approach the challenges life presents.

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