Katrina Todd-Ojukwu 3rd Dan


Since I was at school I had always wanted to try out martial arts. At about 15 I tried a class but got thrown right in at the deep end and came out with a split lip and bruised shins. This wasn’t what I expected for my first class so unsurprisingly I didn’t go back. Still determined to try again, a couple of years later I tried another class. This still didn’t feel quite right.

I never gave up on the idea and at about 25 years old I finally started with Focus. I had made the decision to get fit but wanted something more than just going to the gym on my own. I found a club where I was made to feel welcome and I really enjoyed the classes. Mr Bertrand, my instructor, offered classes that were really encouraging and pushed you according to your own ability and not that of others.

This time I stuck it out and have now been training for about 8 years. I received my first degree black belt in 2006. It has been a long and hard road to getting my black belt but the experience has been well worth it. I have discovered new levels of self confidence and determination and have become much healthier and fitter than I have ever been.

I have always loved the competition side of Taekwon-Do and found it an excellent way to put what we learn into practice and to see what actually works. I entered the World Championships in 2007 and came away with the Gold medal for sparring. Being involved in an international event like this was a fantastic experience and having all the help and support from the club made it all worthwhile. I also travelled to Sardinia for the European Championships in 2008 and won two gold medals for sparring and destruction.

I still thoroughly enjoy training and have found that has given me so many benefits in all areas of my life.

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Mrs Katrina Todd-Ojukwu