On Sat 24th we took a fresh new team of hopeful competitors to the EMAP Open Championships in Swindon. 350 competitors overall.

Our Focus Squad was made up of 25 students from all of our schools and ages ranged from our newest and youngest member Issac Todd Ojukwu, 6 years old, (competed in the 3-7 division and won a Silver medal in sparring and a Gold in Fly Kicking) and Duncan Morrison aged 46 (won didn’t medal but an awesome ambassador and role model for the club).

In total the team did really well with a haul of over 30 medals including:

Cosmo Sumner (Junior Division), Gold in Sparring, Gold Patterns

Richie Adeyemi (Junior Division), Gold in Patterns, Silver in Sparring

Carl Mensah (Adult Division), Gold Patterns Bronze Sparring

Jade Chorkularb (Adult Division), Silver sparring and her son Leo Sharp, Silver Sparring, Bronze patterns

Kinga Garborska (Junior Division), Gold Sparring, Silver in Patterns her twin sister Karolina Garborska (Junior Division), Gold in Patterns, Silver in Sparring

Isabel Coulier (Adult Division), Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Tina Day (Dancan’s wife) Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Joachim Joseph (Junior Division) Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

Other Competitors included, father and son Albert Turner-Gale (Gold Sparring, Junior Division) and Colin Gale(Silver Patterns, Bronze Sparing)

Alice Tshkay (Junior Division) Bronze Patterns, Silver Sparring

Neil Clarke (Blackbelt Adult Division)Gold in Sparring, Bronze Patterns

Dmitriy Pak (Gold Sparring, 13-17 Division)

Gabriella Stewart (Gold in Special Technique, Bronze Sparring)

Theau Fournigault (Bronze Sparring, Junior Diviison)

Ed Arnott (Bronze Sparring, Adult Division)

Zaid Osama (Gold Special Technique, Junior Division)

Mr Simon Hands (Bronze Sparring, Blackbelt Adult Division)

Medals aside, the team spirit on the day was amazing! I was very proud of each member of our Tae Kwon-Do family and our other coaches Miss Katrina Todd and Mr Niilante Ogunsola. Competition is a controlled environment and the best way for our students to gain self confidence.

by Mr Jason Pereira Vth Dan