On the 2nd of July Focus put on the Focus Annual Competition.

Almost 60 competitors competed for medals in Patterns, Sparring, Special Techniques and Destruction.

More than a dozen of our Black Belts came down to officiate the competition and make sure that everything ran smoothly.

rom across the 7 schools in the club (Surbiton, Peckham, Hinchley Wood, Dulwich, Tadworth, Bracknell & Croydon) came down to take part

The school that led the medal tables at the end of the day was….. PECKHAM! They showed a great turnout and some fantastic efforts. ‘Peckham’ will be the first school to have it’s title as ‘Winner’ engraved on the brand new Focus Annual Competition shield. Congratulations to them! The bar has been set and the other schools will be keen to follow their example and win it next year!